Patch Testing & Procedures


Due to the unknown effects on the immune system, regarding COVID-19 and its vaccinations we have been advised by our manufactures to re-skin test all returning and new clients upon reopening the salon on Monday 12th April.

Please read carefully below all our guidance on Patch Testing.


  • Upon booking an appointment with us, you will receive an online consultation form with a set of questions via Email.

  • This must be completed at least 1 week prior to your appointment.

  • This helps us assess your current status with hair colour.

  • If you have not yet recieved your consultation form, please contact us below.


  • You must arrange to stop by the salon to complete a Patch Test & Consent Form AT LEAST 48HRS before your colour appointment, unless you have "Passed" our above Online Consultation Form, or this has already been done during your initial in-salon consultation.

  • This can be done without an appointment, by letting us know a few days before that you'll be turning up for a 'click & collect' Patch Test.

  • You will apply as per manufactures instructions, a small amount of colour on your elbow crease left to process for 45 minutes, monitored by yourself at home and let us know of any adverse reaction.

  • Alternatively, we do have a limited supply of Patch Tests Kits available for postal order below