Color Revive Cool Brown Conditioner 200ml

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Keep you hair colour salon-fresh with the Dualsenses Color Revive Color Giving Conditioner.

Carefully formulated, this Goldwell hero contains microPROtec complex combined with direct colours which refresh and intensify the hair hue.

Whilst ensuring your hair colour stays gorgeous, the Color Giving Conditioner ensures each and every single strand receives optimal care.

Available in eight different shades:

  • Icy Blonde: revives clear, bright blonde for a striking statement with no brassiness. Ideal for levels 10 and lighter.
  • Light Cool Blonde: revives pure, irridescent blonde, keeping brassiness away. Ideal for levels 9-10.
  • Light Warm Blonde: revives soft beige tones for a beautiful natural-looking blonde. Counteracts greenish/matte fading. Optimal for levels 9-10.
  • Dark Warm Blonde: revives elegant caramel blonde with rich reflective shine. Optimal on levels 7-8.
  • Warm Brown: revives the radiance of stunning brunette (refreshes or intensifies color). Optimal on levels 5-6.
  • Cool Brown: revives cool, sophisticated brunettes full of sophisticated shine. Optimal on level 6-7, from level 4-5 will lead to good results as well.
  • Warm Red: revives rich copper-reds, ensuring vibrancy and brilliant gloss. Optimal on level 6-7 (works also on level 8).
  • Cool Red: revives sultry red-violets, keeping them vivid and shiny. Counteracts unwanted warmth. Optimal on levels 5-6.
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